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We’re a global community

Ennismore brings together talented teams,
from incredibly unique brands, to collectively create something
magical – a culture and experience that makes
Ennismore the best place to work.

Unique Brands

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll have the perfect
fit for you. Explore our brands and jobs below.

Inspire Discovery
Entrepreneurial & Founder-built

At the corner of curiosity
Contemporary Art Museum

You know one, you know none
Quirky & Elaborate

A heady oasis
Sophisticated & Serene

The Glorious Playground
A Glamorous Country Estate

A hydeaway for those in the know
Laid-back & Plush

Bringing travellers together
Handcrafted & Carefree

Mama loves you
Sassy & Flamboyant

A modern cultural fairytale
Eclectic & Sculptural

Independent hotels, curated independently
Elegant & Edgy

An indulgent magical wonderland
Extravagant & Mischievous

A fashion statement
Avant-garde & Stylish

A good neighbour with an open house
Homey & Understated

A bold design edit
Functional & Polished

Like working from home, without the distractions
Honest & Flexible

Inspiring Discovery

Our purpose is to Inspire Discovery for our guests, but key to our purpose is to inspire our teams. We inspire our teams to discover their career path with us, to discover their best self through learning opportunities, and to be inspired to make a positive impact on their colleagues, guests and local communities.

Inclusive Culture

Our culture is purpose-driven, fearless and inclusive which puts our community – our people – at the heart of everything we do. We’re open minded; we celebrate difference, welcome diversity of thought, accept people for who they are and allow them to bring their whole self to work.

Creating Community

Bringing our teams together from across Ennismore and our brands is key for creating a global community where everyone can thrive and feel connected. We connect our teams through our global community platform, Workplace, so you never miss out on the latest news.

Exciting Growth

We’re the fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality company, and we’re not slowing down. Ennismore is expanding into new countries and cities, with a new opening on average every two weeks. This creates exciting opportunities at every turn.

Our Values

We take our values seriously – we aren’t one of those companies who shout about their values once and never mention them again. Our values are the DNA of who we are at Ennismore, they’re at the heart of everything we do.

People Stories