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Quirky &

Each 25hours Hotel is individual and made-to-measure. Each one has a soul inspired by its location and is shaped by the art, culture, gastronomy and stories of its surroundings. Democratic and tolerant, catering for work and leisure, we welcome anyone with a sense of inquisitiveness and an adventurous spirit. We gladly open our world to those who open theirs. Founded in 2005, 25hours has hotels in the most vibrant cities including Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Florence, and Copenhagen.









25hours Hotels are not for show, they are for loving, living and lounging around. The public areas form the heart of the hotel: they’re a workplace for urban nomads, a marketplace for commodities, and a starting point for expeditions in the city. Elegant simplicity is not what we stand for. More is more. We celebrate the quirky and the elaborate but even the most active spirits get tired, which is why 25hours Hotels, naturally, also have the comfiest beds and highest quality bathrooms. Because every guest should leave the hotel feeling relaxed and content.

Brand Pillars


The cradle of 25hours is Hamburg, Germany. With its harbour, the city has always been a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures as well as a hub for international business. Today, the brand combines the cheekiness of a well-travelled sailor with the seriousness of a hanseatic tradesman. After an organic growth in the German speaking countries at the beginning of the millennium, 25hours hotels are now present in all the coolest cities across Europe and the Middle East, with expansion to further continents on the horizon.

The exterior of the top of a hotel with floor to ceiling glass windows and a balcony terrace on the top floor

Restaurants & Bars

We love our food and drink which is why both play an important role at 25hours. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our restaurant and bar concepts to each location – either by ourselves or in cooperation with strong partners – focusing on generosity and soul. Our restaurants and bars are social places, where travellers and hotel guests meet and form a community. Our culinary variety ranges from eastern Mediterranean kitchen concept NENI, to the artisan Italian cuisine of RIBELLI, and The Paris Club, French dining in a laid-back atmosphere.

Develop with us

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new projects. If you are interested
in collaborating with us, and want to hear more about our brands,
requirements, and operating structures, we’d love to hear from you.


Is 25hours Hotels the perfect brand for you?

Check out the 25hours Hotels factsheet below. For more development
information, visit Develop with us or Get in touch.


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