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A women rides a white horse in the middle of tall trees in a moody landscape in Scotland

Inspire Discovery


Ennismore is a global collective of
entrepreneurial and founder-built brands
with creativity & purpose
at their heart.

Lifestyle Collective

A global collective of lifestyle brands rooted in
culture and community.

Immersive Resorts

Immersive resorts creating havens for escapism
and entertainment.


Since 2000, dedicated to offering traditional Turkish hospitality wrapped in luxury ambience and finest surroundings.

Iconic Venues

Exclusive and iconic venues pionneering the art
of French hospitality.

Paris Society

Founded in Paris in 2008 with a simple ambition – to reinvent the art of hospitality, rooted in the sense of celebration, generosity, and a good dose of audacity.

The travel & food membership
that beats boring

In-House Studios

Our dedicated in-house specialised studios driving creativity and
innovation, obsessing over every guest touch point.

Partner Brands

Our partner brands are unique collaborations with brand founders to work together in a bespoke way to support a shared vision.

Latest Stories

Develop with us

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new projects. If you are interested in collaborating with us, and want to hear more about our brands, requirements and operating structures, we’d love to hear from you.