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Positive Impact

Our mission is to make a positive impact
on our
teams, those we work with, our
local communities, and the planet.

Positive Employer

We’re creating a global community driven
by our shared values. We nurture a culture of openness, connectivity, and inclusivity, where we celebrate difference, where people are accepted for who they are and where they can bring their best self to work.


Positive Planet

We’re taking steps to reduce our carbon, plastic and food waste. We want to use our position
to inform our guests and help them make decisions that can positively impact the planet.


Positive Community

We work with local charities and projects to improve and enrich the lives of those in our local communities. We want to be good neighbours and part of the community, not just a business.


Positive Business

We look at the way we do business with others, working within The Ennismore Way, to ensure our behaviours and actions align with our values.


Our Focus

We have focused our attention on making
a positive impact in five key areas with
long-term objectives and 2023 goals.

Postive Impact Stories