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24 MAY 2023

The Hoxton launches The Good Rate

All change please.


Discovering a new destination inspires creativity and curiosity and is one of life’s greatest privileges; however, it is impossible to ignore the significant environmental impact of the travel industry. The latest IPCC warning on climate change reminds us that drastic action on a global scale is required to avoid irrevocable damage to the world, but it is also true that small, everyday changes can make a difference.

And this is the inspiration behind The Hoxton’s introduction of The Good Rate; to reward guests who choose to travel more sustainably whilst staying at two or more Hox hotels. Whether it’s bouncing around for business or embarking on a European city hop, The Hoxton will take £20/$20/€20 off the room rate at each location booked as part of a multi-Hox trip navigated by rail.

In recent years, the European rail industry has undergone a resurgence, supported in part by a growing awareness of the environmental impact of the carbon-heavy travel industry, the rise of the slow travel trend and a pandemic-driven change in consumer habits. The railway renaissance is further supported by wider geopolitical developments in the EU and US.

As well as the environmental advantages of train travel, there is a sentimentality and unique sense of adventure that accompanies that hypnotic clickety-clack of the tracks. For those looking for a quick European jaunt, rail is the quickest and most convenient way to journey between many existing and upcoming Hox locations including London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Stateside, Hox guests embarking on the epic West Coast route between L.A. and Portland are rewarded with a veritable smorgasbord of natural wonders right outside the carriage window including vast forests, lush valleys, and snow- capped mountain ranges, while the recent resurgence of European sleeper trains brings with it a slice of those golden-hued, vintage slow-travel vibes.

The Good Rate marks the latest step in The Hoxton’s ongoing commitment to doing right by its guests, neighbours, people and planet, and forms part of a wider sustainability and social responsibility programme collectively known as The Good Stuff. This is a collection of everything Hox is doing to help make the world a better place, whether it’s by championing Good Actions such as eliminating single-use plastics or using repurposed materials and upcycled furniture, or being a Good Neighbour to the hotels’ local communities by providing meaningful, long-term support to neighbourhood projects, charities, and shelters.

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