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A good neighbour with an
open house

Homey &

The Hoxton is a series of hotels rooted in culture and community. Each hotel is a reflection of its neighbourhood, inspired by the diversity of the streets and scenes that surround them. Ever since we opened the doors of our first hotel in Shoreditch back in 2006, we’ve been known for our vibrant, homey lobbies and our celebration of the locality through art, design, retail and eclectic programming.









Our spaces are beautifully designed for understated comfort. Our doors are always open and our front desk is deliberately tucked away so everyone feels invited, not just our guests. In our bedrooms you’ll find warm and cosy yet functional design and all the amenities you need, nothing surplus to requirement. The Apartment, a series of private rooms centred around a communal Pantry Kitchen, features in every Hoxton and brings people together for all occasions from private dining and parties to meetings and celebrations.

Brand Pillars


From its roots in East London to the canals of Amsterdam, the cities of West Coast USA to the romance of Paris and Rome, The Hox is popping up in all of our favourite must-visit destinations. With our doors now open across time zones and oceans, The Hoxton is a place where our guests can always feel at home while discovering the very best of the neighbourhood.

Restaurants & Bars

Our open lobbies are the heart of each Hoxton, with all-day dining available throughout the space. Each hotel has a unique restaurant, bar and coffee shop concept, though you’ll always find our Hox classics with a local twist. From rooftop taquerias to natural wine bars, destination seafood restaurants to hidden cocktail bars, there are exciting dining and drinking options within every Hoxton.

Develop with us

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new projects. If you are interested
in collaborating with us, and want to hear more about our brands,
requirements, and operating structures, we’d love to hear from you.


Is The Hoxton the perfect brand for you?

Check out the The Hoxton factsheet below. For more development
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