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09 NOVEMBER 2023

More than 3 years in the making, Paris Society’s country escape, L’Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay, is now open

Situated amidst picturesque landscapes, just a 45-minute drive from the heart of Paris, the historic landmark has been transformed into a stunning sanctuary over the last three years.


L’Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay invites guests to create their own experiences, whether it’s by the fireside or the serene lake. It’s a place to rejuvenate, nourish the body and mind, and savour extraordinary moments. Each visit forms an invisible bond that beckons guests to return time and again, like an enchanting inner melody.


The walls of L’Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay resonate with 900 years of captivating history. Founded in 1118, this Cistercian Abbey thrived with a devoted community of 200 by 1147. Despite trials, it endured until its division in 1790, nearly becoming a forgotten quarry.

Rescued by the visionary Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild in 1873, an art lover, painter, and musician, she restored each building with meticulous care and added new constructions, creating the estate known today. As the Rothschild era concluded during World War II, the abbey sheltered statues from the Palace of Versailles under German occupiers’ noses. Now, in 2023, L’Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay embarks on a new chapter, ready to enchant a global audience with its timeless allure.


Spread across the estate’s iconic buildings, 147 stunning bedrooms and suites exude their distinctive atmosphere and style. L’Abbaye offers three categories of room, two types of suites and five signature suites, spread across L’Abbaye, Les Haras, La Ferme des Vallées and the various Pavillons.

The rooms at L’Abbaye exude an unparalleled country house charm and evoke the spirit of the estate’s former mistress, the Baroness de Rothschild. Period wood panelling and design details have been painstakingly preserved, with carefully curated original wall fabrics, bespoke furniture pieces and ornaments.

Just a few steps from L’Abbaye, Les Haras, the majestic stone buildings of the estate’s former stables surround a verdant square courtyard. The attic rooms, luxuriously cosy, feature beautiful patterns like stripes, toile de Jouy, and floral tapestries.

La Ferme des Vallées is a captivating woodland hideaway is ideal for families seeking tranquillity. Surrounded by floral gardens, a flourishing vegetable plot, and picturesque meadows, the authentic countryside vibe beckons guests to reconnect with nature, while the bedrooms have a charming rustic simplicity, epitomising effortless elegance.

Spread across the sprawling estate, The Four Pavillons are perfect for family getaways and friend retreats. Bathed in natural light, the Pavillon des Sources features expansive bay windows and stunning views of L’Abbaye, offering a luminous sanctuary for those who appreciate spacious elegance. Nestled among trees, the Pavillon d’Honneur exudes a comfortable hunting lodge ambiance, creating the ultimate haven for more intimate gatherings. The Pagode, by the tranquil lake, entices guests into a contemplative state. Blending French and Japanese influences, this uniquely charming Zen retreat promises an enchanting escape. At La Ferme des Vallées side, the Cottage* is brimming with rustic charm and provides a welcoming space for shared laughter and unforgettable memories.

Driven by a vision to create an unforgettable experience that feels like a true home away from home. The estate’s generous communal spaces exude the inviting ambience of a country house, striking a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Within these grandiose yet intimate lounges, guest can unwind amidst the serenity of the surroundings with their every need and desire effortlessly taken care.

On the estate, every wish and appetite are sated. Six dining venues transport guests on diverse culinary voyages in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons. Here, pleasure reaches new dimensions, and indulgence is not just a virtue but an art form.

Les chasses captures the essence of the Rothschild family’s hunting heritage and showcases the best seasonal produce in traditional and elegant French cuisine; L’auberge, comforting cuisine beneath the shade of a magnificent weeping willow, its branches gracefully trailing over the serene pond; Le réfectoire des moines exudes an enchanting ambiance where constellations of candles illuminate arches, creating a captivating backdrop for indulgent breakfasts or lavish brunches; La trattoria* is a modern-day classic Italian eatery that seamlessly blends nature and indulgence, where guests can savour timeless classics in a relaxed atmosphere; James’ Bar is where guests can satisfy a craving for a club sandwich or indulge in an afternoon board game with snacks, comfortably ensconced on a deep couch; and Betty’s Bar*, indulgence takes center stage at the aperitivo with sparkling cocktails, expertly crafted to tantalize the senses.

L’Abbaye is where leisurely moments and exhilarating activities are all within reach. The only challenge lies in deciding what to choose. Tennis, yoga classes, fitness trail, bike rides or pedalo trip are on offer. And for those seeking more adrenaline, the sports office awaits with a myriad of activities to satiate appetites for adventure.

There are plenty of activities for party lovers too. Boules, gaming room, cinema hall or karaoke can be found on the estate and ensure a memorable evening. Those pursuing contemplation can relax by the pool, book in hand, after a boat ride on the pond or a long stroll in the forest. The calming surroundings help guests find solace and reconnect with their inner self.

There is even an array of activities for families to enjoy. Following a visit to the vegetable garden, children can see the farm animals. And for the littlest adventurers aged 3 to 8, a Kids’ Club, is bursting with entertainment options.

No countryside escape is complete without a world-class spa and wellness area. The extraordinary sanctuary invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of tranquility, where every detail has been meticulously designed to evoke a sense of profound wellbeing.

The estate boutique is not an ordinary hotel shop—it’s a haven of country-style elegance brimming with a curated selection of prêt-à-porter fashion, accessories, jewellery, watches, tableware, gourmet products, and lifestyle items. L’Abbaye has carefully blended its own creations, vintage treasures, and exclusive collaborations with top brands like Aigle, Bernardaud, Tartine et Chocolat, and Mellerio.

*Opening 2024

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