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4 MARCH 2020

What’s the new way of working?

A woman sits on a sofa holding a magazine, in a comfortable lounge area in a coworking space

How will we be working in the future? Ian Minor, Director of Coworking at Ennismore and Working From_, shares his thoughts.


We’ve come a long way since the 16-hour workdays of the 18th Century. Since Welsh activist Robert Owen campaigned for them to be halved, eight-hour workdays became the norm and the nine to five was born. Fast forward to today. The Digital Revolution has happened and our idea of work has fundamentally changed.

The 2010s was about serviced offices and coworking spaces. In the 2020s, workspaces that provide a great member experience – akin to a club – lead the charge. Enter Working From_, a place to be productive, but also foster wellness and connections with like-minded people. The focus has shifted from how to efficiently manage utilities and rent to how we design and optimise space so people can work as effectively as possible. Hospitality and wellbeing is key, as time for oneself has become the truest luxury.

We’ve gone from 16 hours of labour, to eight hours of labour, to 16 hours of life and eight hours of rest. The lines have merged. It’s no longer about work-life balance, but life balance – from yoga flows in your lunchbreak to side hustling in the hours that suit you. Workspaces of the future need the comforts of home – with an emphasis on the tangible (i.e. design), as well as the non-tangible (i.e. sound, scent, the coming together of minds).

So, what’s the focus?


The best workspaces put humans at the centre – instead of workers having to adapt to the space, they work the other way around. They will be flexible to your needs, using technology for greater personalisation and worker satisfaction. Take the bots at Working From_, which make booking meeting rooms, guest passes and desk lunch delivery a breeze.


Love the music at Working From_? The ambient soundtrack was expertly designed to put you in a creative headspace, keeping you happy and relaxed. One member in our Fulton Market space says that the space helps her “be more productive and have a significantly better working cadence”, while another academic used Working From_ to write her entire book.


Workspaces are becoming one-stop urban destinations. Work, rest and play happen under one roof, promoting an increasingly agile, diverse and multigenerational workforce. Not only does it save you time travelling between activities, but it helps establish life balance and encourages collaboration. From rooftop terraces and wellness classes to inspiring cultural programming and after-work drinks on the house, it’s about having the right kinds of distractions.


As companies move to a more agile workforce, employees are learning to work more nomadically. We’re becoming super connected and effective in our workdays with platforms like Workplace by Facebook, while continuing to hone skills and stay curious.


Want to discover the future of work at Working From_? Click here to find out more about memberships.

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