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20 APRIL 2021

JO&JOE hotels set to expand in China with over 1000 properties

Ennismore in collaboration with Accor today announced an unprecedented long-term master franchise agreement with Country Garden’s core alliance enterprise, Funyard Hotels and Resorts to provide new fuel for the fast-growing lifestyle hospitality sector across Mainland China.


The new partnership will introduce lifestyle brand JO&JOE to Mainland China, with a commitment to open at least 1,300 JO&JOE hotels, representing more than 100,000 guestrooms. Funyard will be the exclusive strategic partner of the JO&JOE brand in Mainland China.

Positive, authentic, and fun, JO&JOE was created purely and simply to challenge conventions. Each destination welcomes travellers and locals with the comfort of a hotel and the friendly atmosphere of a community gathering place. At JO&JOE, the mix of street art, music, and food, all work together to make each destination unique and compelling for a new generation of travellers. Parties, entertainment and an easy-going bar and restaurant invite mixing and mingling – for a few hours, an overnight stay, or an extended holiday.

With the newly formed JO&JOE agreement, Ennismore, Accor and Funyard will jointly create a new dimension in China’s hotel industry. Guests will be inspired to further explore China and the world, with multiple trips, high-quality yet affordable accommodations, trendy hubs, great food and beverage, and shared living spaces, all while respecting the environment, conveying love, and creating transformative adventures.

The initial locations of JO&JOE in Mainland China will be announced this year, with further updates to provided by the summer. JO&JOE currently has operating properties in France, Austria, Colombia, and Brazil.

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