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14 JUNE 2024

Discovering your best self at Ennismore

We are fortunate to have some of the best people on the ground at our hotels, restaurants and bars. They are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people out there, and we believe in supporting them at every stage of their careers. With over 15 new hotels and more than 50 restaurants and bars on track to open in 2024, we have plenty of opportunities for team members to grow into future leaders within Ennismore.


To help our future leaders enhance their skill sets and take the next step in their careers, we launched three new development programmes last year. Ennismore’s three academies—General Manager, Food & Beverage, and Rooms—are fully immersive and flexible, designed to fit easily into each participant’s daily routine through blended learning and real-life exchange.

The award-winning programmes—Bernache Award, Paris 2022 and CIPD People Management Award, Middle East 2023—have been built in partnership with Cornell University and Gallup. After a chat about each participant’s career goals, a personal development plan is created. This plan is focused on each individual’s strengths rather than what they need to change—a key differentiator from other development programmes.

Over 12-to-18 months (depending on the programme), live events, interactive modules on E-Cornell, virtual workshops and videos with leading institutions and experts form the basis of the learning journey. Quarterly check-ins, as well as a social community with other participants, help each person stay motivated with their journey. Participants of the Food & Beverage and Rooms Academies have the added benefit of gaining three months of invaluable experience at a hotel or resort in a different brand or country to help them gain a better perspective on their industry.

For those taking part in the programmes, it’s a chance to set themselves apart from the rest, earning a certificate from an Ivy League institution and making a direct impact by learning in-demand skills and applying them immediately to their roles.

Having gone through the programme, Gokhan Kekec, Cluster Executive Chef at Rixos Qeatafina North Island, said, “The diverse online courses and insightful seminars provided a comprehensive understanding of the F&B industry. The kick-off webinar set a positive tone, fostering a sense of community among participants.”

Corinna Rawe, F&B Admin Manager at 25hours The Circle, adds, “The courses are very interesting, and the knowledge can be directly transferred to the work environment. The interaction with participants from other sectors also brings new perspectives and solutions.”

“For me, the GM Development Program sparked a journey of self-discovery, empowering me to navigate my career with purpose, cultivate stronger relationships, and achieve a fulfilling work-life balance”, says Anna Hill, Executive Assistant Manager, Rooms at Mondrian Doha.

“In every course, there is definitely something new to learn, or at least it freshens up some rusty skills that might have been forgotten,” concludes Timo Gloeckner, Director of Culinary, 25hours Dubai.

Since its launch in mid-2023, we have had 32 participants graduate from the General Manager programme, 39 from the Food & Beverage Academy and 28 from the Room Academy. We’re proud to say that they’ve gone on to be exemplary leaders in their respective hotels, restaurants and bars. Following its programme’s success, we are thrilled to welcome new cohorts in 2024 and beyond, giving all those interested in enhancing their careers a platform to discover their best selves at Ennismore and grow with us.

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