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23 NOVEMBER 2023

25hours Hotels team up with Swiss Beauty Brand, Soeder, on natural and sustainable amenities

Available in rooms to all 25hours guests worldwide, Soeder’s products will also be available at the 25hours shop.


During their stay, a hotel guests can come into direct contact with many materials. For that reason, the 25hours team place particular emphasis on all products that touch the skin. From bedding and towels, to the floor that are walked on whilst barefoot, and of course the cosmetic products in their hotels rooms, the team make a conscious effort to find products that are not only gentle on the skin, but sustainable too.

After months of searching, 25hours encountered Soeder, a Swiss beauty brand that stands for genuine natural soaps and a range of care products with refill options that aim to make the world a little better. Both shaped by the desire to do things a little differently, Soeder and 25hours are equally committed to driving sustainability without compromising on style. And much like 25hours, Soeder takes its product and its company seriously, but not themselves, and they strive for the highest quality while maximizing sustainability.

Guests at 25hours Hotels can look forward to refillable full-body soaps in the “Herbal Garden” scent, as well as shampoo, hand and body lotion in the popular “Orange Grove” fragrance. Soeder’s sustainable care products consist exclusively of high-quality natural ingredients. The full-body soaps, for example, contain nourishing cold-pressed oils, Swiss honey, and wheat protein. The body lotion includes cold-pressed organic oils, organic shea butter, and olive squalene. All scents are based on natural essential oils extracted from plants. The “Herbal Garden” fragrance, for example, evokes a garden full of wild herbs and flowers – while the healing herbal scent of rosemary and sage invigorates the senses, sweet lavender provides a perfect balance.

Soeder offers environmentally friendly refill options for all products, whether directly at the 25hours Hotel or at home with the one-litre refill bottle made of recycled plastic. To complete the recycling loop, the refill bottles can be returned to any Soeder store.

Soeder products, along with refill options, will also be available at the 25hours things shops at the reception – the perfect souvenir so that no one has to give up their beloved hotel habits at home.

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