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20 DECEMBER 2020

Ennismore launches its diversity, equality, inclusion and anti-racism pledge

Inclusive Ennismore aims to create an inclusive community, where we celebrate difference, welcome diversity of thought and where people are accepted for who they are.


Amongst the many challenges and changes we have all faced, 2020 also highlighted the deep-rooted inequalities present in our society and the importance, perhaps more than ever, of kindness and tolerance. Every day, many people around the world are faced with discrimination or prejudice or are marginalised, because of their race, sexuality, gender or religious beliefs.

Events last year – including the brutal killing of George Floyd – served as a painful reminder of how far we as a society still need to go in the fight against racism and discrimination. Like many others this summer, we responded with a message of solidarity, financial support for US charities and a promise to do more; to act and make changes to fight injustice and to openly stand against all forms of racism and prejudice.

We listened to our team on how they’re feeling and how we could do better. We formed a Global Inclusion Council – which includes members of our team from across all the Ennismore family of brands as well as external consultants – who worked hard on creating a roadmap to show how we will stand up.

This is our plan. Together we can do this. We are all in it together.


Inclusive Ennismore: by everyone, for everyone



We will attract the best diverse talent across all levels by challenging our existing recruitment processes to ensure they are inclusive, anti-racist and unbiased.

  • Collect and track diversity data throughout the candidate experience, allowing us to understand where and how we need to improve to attract and hire from a more diverse pool of candidates
  • Create an internal jobs board giving everyone a fair opportunity to apply and be considered
  • Review our job adverts to remove any biased language and references to a “Culture Fit” and to add our new Inclusive Ennismore statement
  • Actively seek diverse candidates via our existing channels and diversify the recruitment channels and the partners we use
  • Create a set of D&I questions and scenarios to be asked by hiring managers at interviews to ensure we attract those who understand the importance of what we’re trying to do and who reflect our values


We will encourage dialogue and support our team in their on-going learning of all aspects of diversity & inclusion, whilst creating safe spaces to ask questions.

  • Team members to attend sessions including What is D&I, How to Speak Up, Unconscious Bias, Understanding Difference and Banter, Bullying & Micro-aggressions over the next year
  • Managers to attend leadership learning sessions over the next year, covering topics such as dealing with conflict, fair performance reviews, communicating inclusively and how to check-in
  • Create opportunities for self-learning with a new online resource library and access to external webinars hosted by Inclusive Employers


We will develop and nurture an inclusive and anti-racist culture through our behaviours, actions and policies, which gives everyone a voice.

  • Update The Ennismore Way – our team guide to how we bring our values to life through behaviours – to include our new Inclusion & Anti-Racism statement
  • Create a new Leadership Inclusive Charter – making it clear that supporting our pledge is the responsibility of all leaders and managers, which they will be asked to sign
  • Create safe spaces for our teams to speak up, including through hosting quarterly Inclusion Circles
  • Create an Inclusion Resolution Process to ensure team members can raise concerns without any fear of negative consequences
  • Add Diversity & Inclusion targets in all manager KPOs
  • Conduct a review of our internal People policies, with an inclusion and anti-racist lens
  • Carry out periodic Ethnicity & Gender Pay Gap audits



As well as our team, we will increase the diversity of the content we produce and the partners, suppliers and creatives we work with.

  • Conduct annual audits of our team and vendors to understand the representation and inform our targets to increase diversity (click here to see our current team demographics and targets)
  • Ensure we have diverse representation in all of our external creative content with a key focus on our websites and social channels
  • Build a diverse group of Hox Friends & Working From_ founding members – reflecting the cities we call home – that will help to build our neighbourhood connections and broaden the pool of talent we work with including artists, creatives, influencers
  • Broaden the diversity of the influencers we include in our Hox influencer programme
  • Use our Hox Gallery spaces to support and promote diverse artists, with a focus on elevating Black artists to account for at least 50% of our collaborations 2021 and 2022



We will celebrate and support the diversity of our teams and the communities we call home, whilst partnering with local charities to do more.

  • Create and support Employee Resource Groups – which brings together those who share a common identity and their allies – to build supportive internal communities
  • Create a Global Celebration Calendar, marking the important moments for us to collectively celebrate as a team and business
  • Develop relationships with a broader network of local charities and community projects – including those who support diverse groups of people – to support through donations and team volunteering support

The actions and goals above outline Ennismore’s commitment to being an inclusive and anti-racist employer and hospitality group. Some actions will be implemented on a group-wide basis, whilst others are brand specific or will be implemented across our businesses at different stages.

We’ll hold ourselves accountable by annually by holding a D&I survey; publishing our team demographics online and regularly reviewing & updating our actions & goals.


Team Demographics

In October 2020, we held a Diversity & Inclusion survey to understand the demographic of our current team members. The global completion rate of the survey was 64%. The graphs below illustrate our current team demographics across three areas of representation – gender, race & sexuality.

Representation Targets

Whilst we’re committed to improving the representation of our team in all aspects of diversity, over the next three years we’re specifically focused on increasing the representation of BAME/BIPOC and have set the following targets for each region, based on the most recent Census data currently available.

United Kingdom

  • In the UK, data shows that 14% of the UK population identify as BAME, with London at 40%. The London estimated figures for 2021 is 44%.
  • For our London Operations, we want to increase our current figure of 25% to 35%, and our London Office from 13% to 23% by 2023.
  • In Scotland, the 2011 Census data shows that 4% of the population identify as BAME. We’re really proud that the diversity of our team at Gleneagles is higher – currently at 7% – than the national figure for Scotland and we commit to at least maintaining that figure in 2021 & 2022.

United States

  • In the USA, 2010 Census data shows that 28% of the US population identify as BIPOC. For comparison to local city data and to set targets, we have decided to take the average BIPOC representation percentage for the four cities we currently operate within – which is 45%. We aim to increase the representation of our team from 33% to 43% by 2023.

These increases are designed to achieve progress year on year; however, we fully understand that we need to do more to ensure we’re truly representative of the cities we operate within. We will evaluate our representation targets once new Census data becomes available.

Things to note:

Setting Targets
When setting our representation targets, we have taken into consideration the size of current teams, expected natural attrition and future growth. We will revisit and reassess these targets as new Census data becomes available.

We are aware of the limitations of terms such as BAME and BIPOC, which do not adequately describe the range of cultures, heritages and experiences that the terms encompass. For the purpose of this pledge, we have used BAME and BIPOC interchangeably (including when referring to either our UK or US teams) to address our overall efforts to affect positive change with regards to racial representation at Ennismore. We do not look at Black, African American, Asian, American Indian and other ethnic minorities as one homogenous group. We understand the experiences and challenges each individual group face are different and that they all face different forms of prejudice and discrimination.

Team Sizes
Where one of our properties has less than 70 team members that completed the survey, to protect those team members and their identities, we have decided not to share those demographics or set representation targets. We have, where it makes sense, grouped properties into regions – for example, the US and London – which allows us to aim for representation targets based on available Census data.

Local Laws & Regulations
We have respected local laws or regulations which restrict the collection of team diversity data or the setting of targets for increasing representation.

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